How to Email a Segment (or Portion) of Subscribers Instead of an Entire List

Segmentation is a method of choosing only subscribers who match specific characteristics at a specific time and using a segment is one way to email a selection of your mailing list as opposed to the entire list. You can designate a segment based on subscriber activity, tags, groups, or custom fields to shape the audience of your mailing.

What does shape the audience of your mailing mean?

The term - shape your mailings - relates to the audience receiving your email. While it's easy to send a campaign to a particular mailing list or to add additional mailing lists to your campaign, you can also narrow down who gets the campaign by applying a filter to the audience.

What segments can I use to filter my audience?

FeedBlitz provides a set of ready-to-use segments that can be applied to automatically filter your subscribers:

And within the FeedBlitz dashboard, you can easily apply any segments you have created or create one while working on your campaign:

Applying these filters to your mailing works to shape the audience who will receive the campaign. When applying filters, you will notice the number of subscribers reached by this campaign will be updated with each edit you make.

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